WIS Associate Membership


(To Commence from 1 July 2012)

Walk Industrial Services Pty Ltd (WIS) has established a new division of the company for clients to join WIS as an “Associate Member”.
What this entails is that the Associate can join WIS Pty Ltd for a fee of $400.00 per annum renewable on 31 December each year.
From 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2012 only, the fee will be $200.00 with the full fee of $400.00 from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013

The membership renewal invoice will be sent out during November.


Walk Industrial Services Pty Ltd (WIS) can be your industrial relations / human resources department and facility for compliance training.
WIS retains a knowledgeable employment relations practitioner/industrial advocate and training facilitator to advise, represent and assist associates with their issues


Join WIS as an Associate for a modest annual fee of $400.00 per annum which will allow you to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable Industrial Advocate anytime FREE about:

  • Awards and legislative terms and conditions for employees in the Federal workplace relations system
  • Wage rates
  • Legislative obligations and requirements as an employer
  • Information regarding the formal appointment of new staff
  • Unfair/Unlawful dismissals and counselling processes for terminating employment in a fair manner
  • Superannuation, long service leave and other forms of leave
  • Policy and Procedures (business, operational and legal) for your workplace
  • Employment contracts of service,
  • Independent contract for services (sub-contractor),
  • Workplace/Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

As a WIS Associate you may also benefit from other services, such as:

  1. Any and all questions are free of charge over the telephone, via fax or email with no capped limit on requests for advice.
  2. Advice that is required in writing, as long as it takes no longer than one hour to provide will be free of charge, with no capped limit on the number of requests.
  3. If you are served with an unfair or unlawful dismissal notice or find yourself in breach of any other industrial legislation, that is, any Anti- Discrimination, Workplace Heath and Safety or Workers Compensation legislation, the first consultation will be free.
  4. Industrial Audits will be at half the price quoted for the work.
  5. Discounted training sessions on various industrial topics, such as, award interpretation, unfair dismissals and the difference between an employee and an independent contractor.
  6. Discounted arrangements in individual contract preparation.
  7. Discounted arrangement of the price of items for sale (various manuals) by WIS.

Walk Industrial Services Pty Ltd looks forward to being able to provide better and more professional services to its Associate Members


WIS can provide employment relations specific training on a range of relevant topics – that is:

  1. Legislation
  2. Discipline and termination
  3. Awards

delivered by experienced IR practitioner, attendees benefit from the practical and interactive approach taken when explaining and many of the complex facets of employment relations.
In addition WIS is available to provide competitively priced in-house training on an employment relations topic of your choice , for example:

  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Understanding the Law
  • Understanding your Workplace Agreement (training specific to your own workplace agreement)
  • Award Awareness
  • From Hire to Fire
  • Agreement Making

INTERESTED? Like some further information?

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Look forward to hearing from you.

Businesses: $400.00 per annum*
*6 months pro-rate $200.00.
Payment Options:
Cheque made out to Walk Industrial Services Pty Ltd or electronic transfer to BSB 124-077; Account Number 21760987

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