Training Programs

WIS can host employment relations specific training on a range of relevant topics – that is:

  1. Legislation – the impact of legislative entitlements for employers and employees.
  2. Discipline and termination – discussing best practice processes to follow for disciplinary and termination matters.  Policies and procedures, as well as discrimination and harassment.
  3. Awards – awareness of entitlements prescribed in Award/s applicable to the industry.

Delivered by experienced practitioners, attendees benefit from the practical and interactive approach taken when explaining amany of the complex facets of employment relations.

In-House Delivery

In addition WIS is available to provide competitively priced in-house training on an employment relations topic of your choice – eg:

  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Understanding the Law
  • Understanding your Workplace Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (training specific to your own workplace agreement)
  • Award Awareness
  • From Hire to Fire
  • Agreement Making

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